Who Moved My Soap?

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Who Moved My Soap?

Post by Bennu el-Ra on Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:07 am

[Note: This high strangeness event occurred in back 2010].
I was at home and needed to wash my hands. I went into my bathroom and reached into the shower to grab the bar of soap from the shower caddy. When I was done washing my hands I reached to put the soap back, but it fell through the metal slats of the shower caddy and landed in the bottom of the bathtub. I was feeling rather lazy and didn't want to get my hands soapy again so I decided to leave it there -- in the bottom of the tub -- until I needed to wash my hands again.

Well, about an hour or two later, I went back into the bathroom, and low and behold -- the soap was placed neatly back inside of the shower caddy. I was beyond words! I was home alone and I only have the 1 bathroom, so it's not like I was confusing one bar of soap with another. No. This was too weird and I have absolutely no explanation for what happened. A poltergeist? Maybe my own kinetic energy? Perhaps it was a helpful ghost or spirit? Who knows? All I really want to know is who moved my soap?

[Telekinetic, perhaps?]

~ Bennu el-Ra {Soul of the Sun}
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