Who Moved My Dish Towel?

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Who Moved My Dish Towel?

Post by Bennu el-Ra on Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:10 am

[Note: This high strangeness event occurred in back 2010].

(I'm assuming) that my boyfriend must have placed the dish towel on the freezer handle of the refrigerator (I always keep it on the refrigerator handle). Anyway, I walked into the kitchen earlier today and I saw the dish towel, plain as day, hanging from the freezer handle. It didn't belong there but it wasn't hurting anything so I left it as it was.

Several hours later I returned to the kitchen and the dish towel was nowhere to be found. (I still don't know where it is). Now, my first inclination is to think logically and retrace my steps/actions. Did I move it? Nope. Did I use it? Nope. Was anyone else home during this particular stretch of time? Nope. I was off from work today so I was the only one home. In fact, my boyfriend had already left for work well before I made my way into the kitchen this morning so it's impossible that he could have moved it this afternoon.

It's possible that this is more telekinetic activity on my behalf, -or- I'm also willing to entertain the notion that I may in fact have a helpful spirit shadowing me.

~ Bennu el-Ra {Soul of the Sun}
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